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Landscape lighting is an ideal way to enhance the beauty of your home or business. And although increasing the aesthetic appeal of your property is important, investing in an outdoor lighting system also offers many other benefits. Outdoor lighting can increase your safety and security by illuminating the dark areas - steps, pathways, driveways - around your property. If you are a homeowner, landscape lighting allows you to enjoy your property during the evening. We can transform your home into a comfortable, inviting living space by installing strategically-focused illumination that emphasizes the architectural details, pathways, trees, plants and gardens around your home. An outdoor lighting system also protects your guests by providing adequate light for them as they approach and leave your home.

Our Process

A custom-designed landscape lighting system can enrich the appearance of any type of property. Our friendly staff works closely with you to create the ideal system for your home or business. Our experience with various installation techniques and our understanding of lighting capabilities help us design and install the landscape lighting system that best suits your individual needs.


Irrigation/Sprinkler Systems

Get the highest quality sprinkler system that is guaranteed to provide maximum water coverage for your lawn and gardens. Rainmaker Inc. designs & installs both residential & commercial professional irrigation systems.
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Landscape Lighting

Enhance your homes beauty with a landscape lighting design that is custom tailored to your property. Our outdoor lighting systems are energy efficient, enhance your homes security and produce a great night time aesthetic.
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