Service & Repair

A thriving landscape depends on responsiveness to nature's demands. Rainmaker Inc. service department is committed to timely, high-quality customer service. We are here to serve you with experience, knowledge, training, and best practice.

Rainmaker Inc. Irrigation service packages

• Spring turn on service
• Examine entire system zone by zone to ensure proper coverage
• Program controller at your request
• Check rain sensor
• Thoroughly inspect system and check for leaks
• Clean and adjust any misaligned or clogged sprinkler heads
• Identify any damage and repair or provide an estimate

Mid-season service

• Reprogram controller for existing weather conditions at your request
• Perform system walk through zone by zone
• Detect possible leaks and evaluate zones
• Adjust heads as needed
• Set rain sensor for maximum efficiency

Winterizing service

• Evacuate water from all irrigation lines to prevent freeze damage
• Drain or remove backflow device
• Backflow safety check
A backflow device is required by law and protects your drinking water by preventing siphonage from your lawn into your domestic water supply. An annual safety check is required by the State of Ohio.
Inspect all safety valves in unit to ensure correct operation
• Clean out reservoir
• Check gaskets and bonnets assembly
• Provide state and village certification

Sprinkler Winterization

Winters coming! Call us to schedule your sprinkler winterization. Click here to learn more about winterization.

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Need Service?

We have specialists on staff that can work with any brand of irrigation system. Whether you are adding on to an existing system or replacing broken sprinkler heads, we can help you. Call us today at...

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